SPOOKED: Saldanha Meyer Marius Koen

A newly elected DA mayor kon slange vang after discovering muti in his yard.

Police are now investigating a case of intimidation after Saldanha Bay’s new mayor found a sheep’s head, dead birds and a live tortoise with a red ribbon tied around it, all wrapped up in blood-soaked linen, on his stoep.

Mayor Marius Koen, who was sworn in a week ago, told the Cape Argus a tiler working at his home made the discovery outside his Langebaan house after being alerted by neighbours.

Koen said he had left home for work through the garage and missed the bloody scene intended for him.

“It was an unsettling scene to come home to. The animal’s head was wrapped in bloody linen and the tortoise was tied to its horns with the red ribbon tied around its body,” he says.

Koen said a long knife with a laminated message as well as onions and tomatoes were found inside the bloody package.

“The note clearly stated that those responsible would use voodoo against me; will take everything I have away from me and will destroy my life.”

Koen confirmed the municipal manager had subsequently arranged a 24-hour security for him.

“I did receive cellphone messages and even a threatening call during which the caller threatened to use witchcraft against me, but I never took it seriously. There’s always disgruntled people,” he said.

Erik Marais, the DA’s West Region chairman, said they viewed the incident in a serious light, particularly following the apparent political murder of another DA mayoral candidate in Danielskuil near Kimberley last week.

He said the DA won the Saldanha Bay municipality with an outright majority.

Police spokesman Captain FC van Wyk confirmed an investigation was under way.