Marius: I’ll fight injustice



November 14, 2016
Marius: I’ll fight injustice

SUSPENDED: Ex-ANC boss Marius Fransman

Suspended ANC leader Marius Fransman has warned provincial and national leaders not to write him off.

He was sacked by the party for abusing his office and for bringing the ANC into disrepute.

On Saturday, he described the finding of the National Disciplinary Committee as “disgraceful and unjust”, saying it was as if “I have no rights under the ANC constitution”.

Fransman said this after the Western Cape ANC leadership publicly accepted the finding and thanked him “for 20 years of unbroken service” and for his work among “the Khoisan and the Klopse”.

Fransman said he was already busy with a process to challenge “a very flawed process”.

“They will apologise for their injustice and for the disrespectful manner in which they have treated me. I am appealing the decision and engaged in other processes to clear my name, which they set out to destroy,” he told Weekend Argus.

Louisa Wynand congratulated the committee on “conducting a very professional process” and sais she was “relieved that the ordeal I endured is over”.

Wynand alleged Fransman sexually harassed her in January while they travelled to the North West for the ANC’s birthday rally in Rustenburg.

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