HIT: Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie at the Jasmine Street scene where Sherwyn 
Roberts, 26, was fatally shot

The shooting happened outside a suspected drug den in Bonteheuwel on Monday night.

The killing shattered a three-month long gang truce during which time no blood was shed in the area.

Police were called to Jasmine Street about 7.50pm where they found a barely alive Sherwyn Roberts, 26.

He was rushed to Groote Schuur hospital where he later passed away.

It is believed Sherwyn had been with two female friends before being shot. One of the women apparently asked him to buy drugs for her.

Sherwyn was standing in front of the gate when three gunmen on foot appeared and pumped him full of bullets.

It is believed the shooters’ intended target was a suspected gangster who lives at the house, but they shot Sherwyn instead.

Police sources close to the investigation confirmed the house had previously been raided for stolen motorbikes.

When the Daily Voice visited the murder scene, residents had used Jeyes fluid to wash away a puddle of blood.

Police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk says a case of murder has been opened for investigation: “Bishop Lavis police members attended to a shooting incident at Jasmine Street, Bonteheuwel, where a 26-year-old male person was shot and fatally wounded.

“A murder is being investigated.”

He said the suspects were still at large.

Bonteheuwel Ward Councillor Angus McKenzie says three months of peace has been shattered.

He attributes the peace to a community intervention and residents working closely with the police.

Commenting on the latest attack, he says: “At a suspected drug house in Jasmine Street, a man was shot three times in the head.

“The victim was taken to Groote Schuur hospital and passed away.

“I strongly condemn this death and this will not stop the peace we had for three months.

“We had no murder. This was achieved by the community taking back the streets and increasing visibility of the police.

“We are also carrying out continuous raids at suspected drug houses and we are trying to address the problem.”