Man kills dog with a spade



May 3, 2016
Man kills dog with a spade

MyBoy, a pit bull described as "popular" was killed with a spade while allegedly attacking a neighbour's dog. CREDIT: Supplied

A guy who alledgedly defended own dog gets death threats

Animal lovers are up in arms after a Cape Flats man beat a pit bull to death with a spade.

Two-year-old dog named MyBoy was killed in Rocklands on Friday and left on the pavement.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) currently have MyBoy’s body and are investigating the case.

But this has not stopped angry mense from targeting alleged dog killer Brian Martin online.

People shared Martin’s photo, address and a picture of his house, and some threatening to moer him like he did MyBoy.

Martin tells the Daily Voice he was merely protecting his dog from MyBoy.

He says he was roused from his sleep when his daughter screamed that the neighbour’s pitbull MyBoy, was attacking his dog.

“I did not go out to hurt the dog, he was on my property attacking my pet, who was tied up,” insists Martin.

“I tried to grab him, but he bit me.

“I hit him four times on his body with the spade. I hit him on the head and he let go. I dragged him across the road and was so shaken, because I knew this dog almost killed me,” he tells Daily Voice.

But upset owner of MyBoy, Ishmaeel Abrahams, 23, says Martin had it in for his hond.

Abrahams says Martin previously called the SPCA to complain about MyBoy who he describes as a calm dog.

Abrahams says MyBoy was well known in the neighbourhood and was not a threat to anyone.

“We even have a kitten, Lola, that he plays with. He would not have just attacked that dog,” says an emotional Abrahams.

Abrahams and his girlfriend, Miche Lewis, 18, were a few roads away on Friday when his dog was killed.

“Children came running down the road saying MyBoy was dead,” says Abrahams.

“This man [Martin] has wanted my dog gone for a long time and he killed him because he wanted to,” insists Abrahams.

“He killed my dog and he will have to answer for it.

“MyBoy has not been buried yet. The SPCA in Grassy Park have his body and will determine what killed him and they will follow procedures,” says Abrahams.

Belinda Abraham of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA, says officers are still busy compiling a docket and can thereafter determine if a law has been broken.

She says: “We do not condone the killing of any animal ever.

“The body of MyBoy was taken in on Friday and his owner also gave us a statement.

“We are currently doing an autopsy to determine cause of death and will know more once all data has been compiled,” says Abraham.”

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