SUCCESS: Lindsay van der Byl finished 1550km journey.

This 30-year-old man, who has never cycled for more than five kilometres at a time, has just ridden his bike all the way from the Union Buildings in Pretoria to Parliament in Cape Town, all in an effort to get laaities to read.

Lindsay van der Byl, born and bred in East London but now living in Joburg, is a motivational speaker who decided to cycle 1 550km to make people wys about the importance of healthy living and reading.

He came up with the idea of “Cycling for Change” in 2013, but only recently decided to go ahead “and just do it”.

He is asking mense to donate one book for every kilometre he’s cycled.

Ons mense willie lees nie,” he says.

Hulle is heeldag op Facebook, dan dink hulle hulle lees ’n boek.

“No, that is social media. I am tired of our people being uninformed and feel we should be able to educate our people and our children better. Books are a good way to do it.”

He didn’t even have a bike when he decided to embark on his epic journey.

“I started training in February and just ran. It was easy because I had done cross-country when I was younger. I was ready by 4 July,” he says.

His kit and larney bike, a Ghost HTX, were sponsored by Northcliff Cycles in Randburg.

He only had to buy a helmet “to keep his brain safe”.

It took him just 12 days to get to Cape Town. He pedalled for nine days and rested for three.

Lindsay swears it was when he got to the Western Cape that things started getting hard.

“The wind ripped into me like crazy, but the people along the way were so amazing and very supportive. It was tough, but I believe this is a cause that is absolutely worth it,” he says.

“This is also the last time I will do this for free. I would like a company to say ‘hey, do it again, we will pay you.’

“I am an entrepreneur and need to eat as well. If I can help people along the way, dan is my dag gemaak.”

To donate books, contact Shahiem Bell at [email protected] or contact the Daily Voice on 021 488 4729.