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Latasha Mlumei, mother of the 6-year-old girl said the child has been treated at Melomed Hospital in Gatesville.

Mlumei declined to have her daughter’s name published.

A friend of Mlumei reported the matter to the SPCA who in turn referred her to the City Of Cape Town’s Animal Control Unit.

The girl, as a result of the attack, has experienced severe damage on the right side of her face and had to undergo ten hours of surgery.

According to the little girl’s mother her daughter was attacked while playing outside close to the dog.

“I told him (neighbour) that I am not going to accept his apology because he has four big dogs that are dangerous.” Mlumei said.The incident has also shocked the SPCA.

“In terms of the city’s by-laws a dog which has been seized or impounded and which is found by the authorised official to be ferocious, vicious or dangerous, may be destroyed,” Belinda Abraham, SPCA spokesperson, said.

Nadia Joubert, a registered American pit bull terrier breeder says cross-breeding is a big problem when it comes to the nature of a pit bull.

"We have a big problem with backyard breeders breeding and cross breeding dogs and then saying they are pit bulls. If a dog is not registered and does not have registration papers, it cannot be called a pit bull," says Nadia.

Nadia added that unregistered cross-breed pit bull-type dogs are more prone to maul and potentially kill their victims.

The city’s director for safety and security Richard Bosman said the matter was first reported to the SAPS in Harare, Khayelitsha and then to the City’s Law Enforcement Animal Control Unit.

The officers reported that the dog had already been put down at that time.