KILLED: Pub owner Calvin "Kabollie" Goliath, 65

The men accused of killing a popular Mitchells Plain pub owner have abandoned their bail application.

Suspects Donald Conrad and Dane Brandt made a brief appearance at the Mitchells Plain Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Their legal aid lawyer told the court the duo had decided to abandon their bid for freedom.

“Both accused will abandon bail application,” he said.

At these words, a stunned silence fell over the packed court, filled with family and friends of of slain pub owner Calvin “Kabollie” Goliath, 65, who was murdered on May 19 while sitting in his car outside his business in Westridge.

State Prosecutor Mrs Davids then requested the matter to be postponed until September for further investigation.

It’s understood that the postmortem report is still outstanding.

Magistrate Walter Golding postponed the matter until September 11 for further investigation.

“You remain in custody,” he told the accused.

Outside court, Investigating Officer Bradley Schuurman joked: “I believe the moment they saw me step into court, that’s when they abandoned their bail application.”

A source close to the investigation told Daily Voice the suspects had very little chance of getting bail anyway, as the evidence against them was “strong”.

Conrad was caught after being piemped by the community, while Brandt handed himself over to cops.

Police said Conrad had confessed to killing and robbing Calvin, while Brandt had allegedly left behind “vital DNA evidence” that linked him to the crime.

Calvin’s relatives did not want to comment on the matter.

One man said: “We are happy that they are staying inside,” before the family walked off.