ROLES: Reeva Steenkamp, Anni Hindocha and Zanele Khumalo.

If you’re an actress and look anything like Reeva Steenkamp, Zanele Khumalo or Anni Hindocha, the role of a lifetime could be waiting for you.

A Durban producer is calling on actresses to audition for a “gripping” new stage drama called Heaven Can Wait, a story about the three murdered women.

Model Reeva was shot dead by her Paralympian boyfriend Oscar Pistorius in 2013.

Pregnant 18-year-old Zanele was murdered by her ex-berk Thato Kutumela, and Swedish bride Anni was murdered while on honeymoon in Cape Town with her husband Shrien Dewani.

The play, set in Sandton, begins in the afterlife with the three women waiting at heaven’s door.

However, St Peter will only let them in once they’ve resolved the issues which brought them to heaven.

The twist is that only one of the three will end up with a halo, and they must fight for a spot in die hemel.

Producer Marriam Khan told the Sunday Tribune: “The writer of the play, who wants to remain anonymous for now, started the script shortly after Reeva was killed. The story is told mainly through the eyes of Steenkamp, and explores gender, race, and class issues in contemporary South Africa, and how these impact on justice for people, especially women.”

While no big names has stepped forward yet, Khan is confident the roles would be cast before September, when the play would be staged.

“Looks will play a huge part, and those chosen need to be able to fit into the role and make it as gripping and intense as possible.”