Racist rant by KZN estate agent Vicki Momberg.

Vicki Momberg, who was caught on video threatening to drive over black people and shoot them if she had a gun, says she is considering legal action against eNCA after the news channel aired her rant on TV.

In the video, Momberg, a victim of a smash-and-grab, repeatedly uses the K-word, and makes threats in front of police.

Two officers, a black and white one, had stopped to assist her.

The white policeman warned her she could be arrested for her racist comments, but she said: “Listen here, I’m not going to change my mind, I hate the f***ing bastards.”

Momberg had apparently tried to call police “50 times” but those answering the phone were black and “useless”.

She also compared black people in KZN and Gauteng, saying those up north were “arrogant and opinionated”.

The Durban woman’s mother, Davina Momberg, told News24 she was “shocked” that her daughter had spoken that way.

“Nobody brings someone up in that way, I mean you just don’t do it. But if you get hijacked and your life is threatened, who knows what you are capable of doing?” she says.

Police have refused to confirm whether the woman in the video is Momberg, but said a case of crimen injuria had been opened against a female motorist.

The SA Human Rights Commission has launched an investigation after seeing the video.

Spokesman Isaac Mangena says: “More shocking is the anger directed at black people in general, but black police women and men in particular, who in this instance were actually there to help, responding to a criminal incident.”

Last week Penny Sparrow, a retired KZN estate agent, was last week fined R150 000 for calling black people monkeys.