Karate kid trio need a kickstart



May 25, 2016
Karate kid trio need a kickstart

KARATE KIDS: Gershwin, left, Tosca-Lee, middle, and Jayden Molander. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

Siblings require R9K to compete in a national competition in Bloem.

“Bruce Wee” of the Flats is flying-kicking his way to the top.

Earlier this year, the Daily Voice brought you the story of nine-year-old karate kid, Jayden Molander, who won the South African National championship in Karate in Durban.

Since then the pint-sized Mitchells Plain ninja has only got better.

Jayden was found under a bridge when he was just two years old and has been in the care of his foster parents Isaiah and Maxine Molander, 58.

But he is apparently not the only karate star in the Molander home.

His sister and brother Tosca-Lee,15, and Gershwin, 13, who is also a foster child, are also making their way up the ranks.

Now the siblings are gearing up to compete in a national competition in Bloemfontein in August.

And while the children have never missed a tournament before, their parents worry that they might not make this one because they just don’t have the means to pay for all three at the same time.

Isaiah says: “It costs each child R3 000 and because all of them want to go, we need to somehow raise R9 000, we don’t want our children to miss out on an opportunity.

Ek weet nie waar gaan ons die geld kry nie. I don’t work and we are dependent on our pension.”

Maxine says thus far they have managed to pay for tournaments with the help of family members.

“We ask our family for help but we know everyone is struggling,” she says.

“Some months my husband and I each keep R500 [of our pension] aside but that means I will have to cut my food budget, or the electricity or water.

“We are both supposed to get R1 500 a month but every month our money is short because of deductions we don’t know about.

“Normally we send the children separately but this time all three of them want to go and we don’t want to keep them from doing what they love.

“It will make me very sad if they are not able to go because we could not raise the money.

“It’s a pity I can’t bake, else I would have made some cakes and sold that to help raise the money.”

 Anyone who would like to assist the Molanders can contact them on 073 795 1352 or 071 010 7198.

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