OUTSPOKEN: President Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma is on the election trail – en hy draai nie doekies om nie.

The prez has ripped into opposition leaders Mmusi Maimane and Julius Malema as he tours South Africa drumming up support for the ruling party in the upcoming local elections on August 3.

Addressing hundreds of mense in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni, this week, he said Maimane “had a nerve” to call himself the leader of a political party of whites who oppressed his own people.

According to Zuma, black poverty was the end result of apartheid, instituted by the National Party, which was the forerunner for the Democratic Alliance.

“He [Maimane] is the child of the National Party, which was oppressing us and today masquerades as the DA.

“After we attained freedom, the National Party and the Progressive Party decided that, as whites, let us form one party which today is known as the DA. He is a child of the oppressors.

“Where does a black man get the nerve to team up with oppressors of his people, even to an extent where he decides to lead them? When you see the DA, just know that they are our oppressors.”

EFF leader Malema also got a snotklap. Zuma says Juju was kicked out of the ANC because he could not behave himself.

“There are other small boys who have no respect and they cannot behave themselves, so the ANC expelled them,” said the prez.

“They are angry and their party is about nothing but disrespect, why would you waste your vote on them?

“Now they have turned the honourable House of Parliament into a laughing stock.

“They claim to love the country but they don’t respect the country’s institutions. They are bordering on being mad.”