DRIVER: Clive ‘Rasta’ Nkiwani allegedly stole truck.

This driver got so gatvol of his new boss that he allegedly took a company vehicle on a joyride - all the way to Zimbabwe.

The driver and the big yellow dump truck disappeared from Cape Town on Friday, and surfaced yesterday in another country.

The man, who is being sought by police, allegedly called his boss, Quinton Barnes, co-owner of JRE Transport in Parow, to say that he took the truck to teach him a lesson and that he didn’t like the company’s rules and regulations.

Clive “Rasta” Nkiwani, 32, further allegedly claimed that he paid someone R400 to remove the tracker off the truck, and “R10 000” to get the truck over the border into Zim. His home is apparently 1 000km from the border.

Shocked supervisor Shannon Herbert says they employed Nkiwani three weeks ago.

She says Nkiwani took out his truck as usual on Friday morning.

“All our trucks have trackers and we noticed he was standing in Khayelitsha for more than two hours. We called but his phone was off.”

She eventually sent out people to find him, but they kept driving past the “truck”.

“How do you miss such a massive yellow truck? We realised then that the tracker was taken out,” she says.

She says they tried to lay a charge of theft, but police told them to hold off as it was possible that Nkiwani had been hijacked.

They even went to his house in Delft, where his bewildered wife told them she didn’t know where he was.

She says yesterday just after 9am, Barnes got a suprise call from his disgruntled employee.

“He told us we can come and fetch the truck at the border nogal, because he does not have the money to drive it further than that. He also said he does not think the truck will make it to Cape Town, as the motor was smoking,” she says incredulously.

“We gave this man a job and he threw it back in our faces because he did not like cleaning the truck or taking responsibility if he is the cause of an accident. He is mad.”

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana confirms that a case of motor vehicle theft is under investigation.

“No one has been arrested at this stage,” says Rwexana