GUESS WHO? These "cars" popped up along the highway

But they heaved a sigh of relief when it turned out to be cardboard cut-outs.

However, Metro Police spokesperson, Senior Superintendent Isaac Mahamba, said the department had nothing to do with the paper cars, and are now trying to verify whether they were legal or not.

“We have seen this and immediately intervened and they were removed,” he told the Pretoria News yesterday.

Mahamba said the Bakwena Platinum Corridor Concessionaire was responsible for the cheeky initiative.

Bakwena Platinum operates the N1 toll route between Pretoria and Bela Bela, and the N4 toll route from the capital to the country’s border with Botswana.

Liam Clark of Bakwena Platinum said it was part of an Easter campaign, approved by Metro Police, to raise awareness about drunk driving and speeding.

Clark said they had various campaigns going, but the cardboard cut-outs were by far the most effective.

“My personal view is that it was quite successful. We got a lot of positive responses.”

The campaign, he said, was to remind people to make road safety a priority and to stop people from speeding.

Meanwhile, Western Cape Provincial Traffic Services said three pedestrians and two drivers died on the province’s roads over the weekend.

Cops arrested 21 people for allegedly driving under the influence, while 21 speeding offences were recorded.

And 179 fines totalling R245 100 were issued for various reasons, from driver offences to vehicle fitness violations.