PROUD: Bodybuilder Jason Kleinsmidt is back in the country. CREDIT: Patrick Louw
Dan Plato’s muscle man did his country proud at the INDA World Championships held in Budapest over the weekend.

Jason Kleinsmidt, from Lentegeur in Mitchells Plain, returned from Hungary yesterday.

The 55-year old, who competed in the 50-60 years category against 10 other bodybuilders and came in at sixth place.

A total of 118 contestants from 35 different countries took part in International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) championships, where only the best of the best go to compete.

Arriving at Cape Town International Airport, Jason was full of smiles, waving the South African flag and showing off his silver medal.

“I feel good, I am in the top six in the world,” he tells Daily Voice.

“I made it to qualify for Mr Olympia in Las Vegas in November.”

Jason, who works as security detail in the office of Community Safety MEC Dan Plato, says the competition was “very challenging and tough”.

“We had good competitors from Slovakia to Ghana and America,” he says.

Jason felt a little disappointed at the lack of support from his fellow South Africans.

“I came out waving the South African flag, next time I won’t and I won’t sing the (national) anthem, but “You raise me up” (by singer Josh Groban).”

Jason’s friend and neighbour, Faraad Sheik, was there to congratulate him.

“I am very proud of him, he trained very hard and it’s just so sad that government isn’t supporting this,” he says.

Jason was the first black South African to compete in Mr Universe in London in 1995 after the first democratic elections.

He’s also held the South African title in natural bodybuilding for the past 10 years.