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September 13, 2016
Homo affairs

OUTBURSTS: Pastor Steven L Anderson

Gay hate US pastor’s SA visit in doubt after Gigaba insult video.

The gay hate Pastor Steven Anderson will find out today whether he will be allowed to travel to South Africa.

Pastor Anderson hasn’t made life easier for himself by going on a hate-fuelled rampage against Minister Malusi Gigaba calling him “a wicked politician” in a video uploaded to YouTube.

Now Gigaba will have the final say on whether the Pastor will be granted a visa and if he can do his planned talks and “Soul Winning” door-to- campaign in Johannesburg this weekend.

After Anderson called the Minister a “joke” and said he can’t stop his visit, Gigaba chose to not respond to the Faithful World Baptist Church Pastor.

Gigaba says: “If we were to react to every insult directed at the minister‚ or the department‚ then South Africa will indeed become an empty country.”

And the Minister was still looking at all the information sent to Home Affairs as well as a petition with more than 60 000 signatures calling on him to ban Anderson.

It was the Pastor’s hateful comments made after the shooting at the gay nightclub in Orlando, USA, in June that caused the Lesbian and Gay community to call for him to be blocked from visiting SA.

Anderson reportedly said: “There are now 50 less paedophiles in this world,” after the tragic shooting, and in his video last week he referred to gay and lesbian people as sodomites.

Minister Gigaba has been in discussions with rights groups including the LGBTI community and his department maintains: “The basis of our work is on managing comments directed at the LGBTI community and their rights. The department has reaffirmed its unwavering support for the LGBTI community,” in a statement.

In the same video in which he disses Gigaba, Pastor Anderson assures his South African followers that he will be in Boksburg on Saturday as scheduled and that he is not deterred by critics from the gay community.

He adds that there are media groups trying to distract from his church work by focusing on his “views about sodomites”.

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