Buskers Morné Holland and Elton November.

The Ocean View buskers have “reunited and it feels so good”.

After hitting the spotlight in February, the duo had an ugly break-up when Morné Holland dumped Elton November to seek fame and fortune on his own.

Morné hit the big time, performing on stage with Alistair Izobell, as well as at the Plettenberg Jazz Festival, and joined the cast of David Kramer’s hit play District 6 Kanala.

But the duo has since kissed and made up, and now Morné is back with his old busking partner.

The two are putting on their own show, called The Journey, at the Ocean View High School in the next few weeks.

Morné and Elton, both 27, became internet sensations when a video of them performing on a train was posted on Facebook.

But they split up just two weeks later.

A hurt Elton posted a message on Facebook, in which he blamed Morné for dumping him in a WhatsApp message and choosing to go solo and work with Izobell.

Elton says: “While he was working with Alistair, we were still chatting and messaging each other and then we did speak and clear things up. At the end of the day we’re both grown-ups and we now know how to work together.”

Morné adds: “We had a heart-to-heart chat and talked it out.”

Morné was an understudy for District Six Kanala and says being mentored by theatre legend David Kramer “was the best experience”.

“I was a ‘swing’ so I was on standby and I didn’t get a chance on stage, but it was still worth it to learn about the theatre,” says Morné.

He’s also hopeful of working with Izobell again but “Elton will be part of any future musical deals”.

Meanwhile, they are working hard on The Journey, which is the story of their lives.

“We’re just gonna tell people the truth, even about our break-up,” Elton says.

Morné agrees and says: “In a way the split was good because now we know how to do things and also how not to.”