‘I’ll stiek you like the others’ | #CameronWilsonTrial



April 21, 2017
‘I’ll stiek you like the others’ | #CameronWilsonTrial

MURDER-ACCUSED: Cameron "Wong" Wilson

Ou bullied, threatened by wilson, court told

Ek sal jou dood stiek soos ek die ander dood gestiek het,” were the words told to a Heinz Park man when Cameron “Wong” Wilson wanted to rob him, a court has heard.

Wilson is on trial at the Western Cape High Court on 15 charges, including six counts of murder, three counts of attempted murder, rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

The most high-profile of the charges being the gruesome murder of Valhalla Park teenager Lekita Moore.

Abdul-Malik Cupido, 19, testified against Wilson, after the 20-year-old allegedly stabbed his friend Cody Philander on 24 April 2015.

Cupido said the evening prior to Cody’s stabbing, Wilson tried to rob him and Cody.

“Cody was with me when we saw Wong the night before. He came with a BMX bicycle and wanted to scratch in my left side pocket.

“When I objected he said: ‘Ek sal jou dood stiek soos ek die ander doodgestiek het.’ He didn’t say anything before he wanted to rob us because we still walked past him. It was dark but I could see his face, I know him and it was him.”

Wilson’s lawyer, advocate Mohamed Sibda, said his client denied the incident ever occurred.

“Mr Wilson denies this incident happened. He says he never approached you, tried to rob you or threaten you. He also says he never drove a BMX,” he argued.

“Mr Wilson does, however, state that he recognises you from the area and admits you know him.

“But he denies he would rob, hurt or threaten you. Mr Wilson was not present that night of the incident and what he can say is that it was not him.”

Last month, Cody testified how he was smacked and stabbed by Wilson without saying a word.

“I was at the shop when he [Wilson] came from the side of the soccer field. He was riding a small blue BMX bike. He saw me and jumped off the bike,” said Cody.

“Then he smacked me with his right hand on the left side of my face. My sunglasses then fell off and I picked it up. When I looked up, I saw he had an Okapi knife in his hand and he stabbed me. After he stabbed me, he got back onto his blue BMX bike and rode off.”

The trial resumes on Monday.

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