DEFENSIVE: Ayanda Mabulu

Controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu has vowed to “moer” anyone who might try to vandalise his painting of President Jacob Zuma in a sex act with Atul Gupta.

The Joburg artist, 35, says he was aware that the painting, called Prostitute, had angered many, but he couldn’t care less.

In 2012, Barend la Grange and Lowie Mabokela damaged Brett Murray’s Spear of the Nation.

Speaking at a gallery at Constitution Hill this week, where the painting is on display, Mabulu said: “Any man who wants to vandalise it, I’ll moer him right here. If anyone thinks he can do that, come now. Not in my work, that’s my time, that’s my everything. You ANC loyalist, whoever, I’m here.”

Prostitute, which has polarised the nation on whether it’s art or just plain disrespectful, shows the president sticking his tongue up Atul Gupta’s gat.

Mabulu said the significance of genitalia in his art was a way of exposing that which was hidden.

Yesterday, a rumour did the rounds that he had been shot in the head, but this turned out to be untrue.