I don’t tell lies, says #CameronWilson



May 10, 2017
I don’t tell lies, says #CameronWilson

SLAAN BLANK: Rape and murder suspect Cameron Wilson at court.

State: Accused 'lieg oppie stand'.

Ek kan nie onthou nie” was all that came out of Cameron “Wong” Wilson’s mouth as he took the stand at Western Cape High Court yesterday.

Wilson, 20, is being tried on 15 charges including six counts of murder, three of attempted murder, rape and assault with the intent to do grievous bodily harm.

Wilson, from Heinz Park, claims he was threatened and assaulted to sign a warning statement implicating him for the murder of Stacey-Lee Mohale, 16, and the attempted murder of Abigail Plaatjies.

Yesterday, the State cross-examined an agitated Wilson on the stand.

Last month, Wilson testified how he was smacked and the lives of his family were threatened when he was arrested on 28 April 2015.

He also claimed no one read or explained his rights to him at the time and it was the first time he had ever been arrested.

“I was taken to Nyanga Police Station just past nine in the morning by two detectives. It was the first time in my life I got arrested,” he testified.

“A police officer in uniform came up to me and smacked me, saying if I don’t talk then I’m going to get 200 years (in jail).

“I was then told to sign a form with my name on and it said murder at the top. I signed because I was scared,” he testified.

The State prosecutor asked whether Wilson, who according to his testimony was arrested for the first time, could remember what happened at court the first time he appeared.

Wilson responded: “Ek kan nie onthou nie.”

The State argued that there was no way his previous lawyers could not have spoken to him if a formal bail application had been made as they were representing him.

“The record states a bail application was brought forth. If there was a bail application, your lawyers had to have spoken to you as they do speak on your behalf at the bail hearing,” said the prosecutor.

“So, if you say they never spoke to you then you are lying to the court.”

Wilson merely responded by saying: “I don’t tell lies.”

There were many things Wilson could not remember, including what happened in court during his first appearance; who his legal aid lawyer was or if she had spoken to him; how his second lawyer, the now deceased Noorudien Hassan, was appointed to represent him; or the names of all his friends present at the time of his arrest.

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