Horror crash



July 17, 2017
Horror crash

WRECK: Traffic came to a standstill after a car and taxi collided on Sir Lowry's Pass, killing one

Driver killed in flames, 5 hurt in collision on pass .

One person burnt to death and five others were left injured when a car and taxi collided and burst into flames on Sir Lowry’s Pass at the weekend.
The crash occurred at Hairpin Bend on the N2 on Saturday, shortly after 8am.

Authorities say a Toyota Yaris with one occupant and a minibus taxi with five people in it were involved in a head-on collision and both vehicles ignited on impact.

The driver of the Yaris died and was burnt beyond recognition, while all the passengers in the taxi, two women and three men, were injured but managed to escape from the burning van.

One of them is currently in a critical condition in hospital.

Traffic Chief Kenny Africa says the road was closed off to traffic at 8.45am and reopened when the scene was cleared at 2pm.

“Early [on Saturday] after 8am we had a gruesome accident at Sir Lowry’s Pass whereby a Toyota Yaris and a taxi were involved in a head-on collision. Both vehicles burnt out completely and the driver of the Yaris was burnt beyond recognition inside the car,” he says.

“The five occupants of the taxi were taken to a nearby hospital.”

ER24 spokeswoman, Annine Siddall, said paramedics found the taxi and light motor vehicle engulfed in flames.

She said the driver of the car was declared dead on the scene, while one taxi passenger was in a critical condition.

“Four other patients, believed to be in their 20s, sustained moderate to minor injures in the collision,” Siddall said.

The cause of the accident is yet to be determined.

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