Hit and run kills mom of 3, friend



August 31, 2016
Hit and run kills mom of 3, friend

Nolene Plaatjies, 32, died on the scene after an alleged drunk driver's Toyota Etios rammed into her CREDIT: Leon Knipe

‘Drunk driver’ kills women and is bust fleeing

Two women on their way to church were mowed down by an alleged drunk driver who sped off after hitting them and four young children.

One of the women was hit when she saved her four-year-old son by pushing him out of the way of the speeding car.

The driver drove off, but was arrested minutes later when his damaged red Toyota Etios Cross stalled.

The incident happened on Monday night just after 8pm on Boundary Road, between Lotus River and Schaapkraal.

Mom of three Noelene Plaatjies, 32, and her unidentified friend were walking to church with their younger children roadside.

Her brother Ashley Williams, tells the Daily Voice: “Eyewitnesses on the scene told me that the car knocked and dragged my sister for 70 metres.

“It was also said she saved the life of her four-year-old son who received a minor concussion when she shoved him out of the way.”

Witnesses claim that after hitting the group, the driver got out and checked his car before fleeing the scene.

But the badly damaged car sputtered to a stop a metres away along First Avenue in Lotus River, where cops nabbed the male driver and his male passenger.

Noelene died on the scene while her friend passed away on Tuesday morning at Groote Schuur hospital, Ashley said.

“The road they were walking on is half tar and gravel and due to cable theft, the road was dark,” he says.

“They were so badly hit that Noelene’s neck broke, her back was ripped open and one could see right inside her body.

“My sister died right there, our family is torn apart. This is the second daughter my mother has lost in a space of one year, first her eldest now her youngest,” Ashley says with tears in his eyes.

He says the family has already forgiven the driver and his passenger.

“We don’t bear grudges against them, my prayer is that they one day acknowledge their wrong and that grace is granted to them.”

Cops didn’t respond to queries by last night.

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