Alfonso Plaatjies, 25, appeared in court on charges of murder and illegal possession of a firearm. CREDIT: YouTube

The mother of an alleged hitman linked to four murders says he is no killer, but instead a rapper with a message of peace for the youth.

Alfonso Plaatjies, 25, appeared in the Cape Town Magistrates’ Court yesterday on charges of murder and the unlawful possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Plaatjies was arrested near Sea Point on Friday morning after police stopped and searched his vehicle.

During the search, cops found a loaded handgun which could be linked to four recent gang-related killings “in and around Ravensmead”.

But Plaatjies’ mom Mary-Ann Plaatjies, says her son is simply a struggling musician trying to inspire the youth through his music.

She says Alfonso started a group called YBT Recordz (Young Bone Thugs), who produce rap songs about peace and harmony.

Mary-Ann, 51, believes the youngest of her six children is no killer and has been framed by jealous rivals.

“He was taken in by police last week Wednesday and they let him go,” she reveals.

“(On the day of his arrest) he was with other people in a vehicle when the driver accidentally drove into oncoming traffic.

“Police found a gun which wasn’t his and said he is involved on all these cases.

“My son and that people were going to see the liggies in the City.

A proud Mary-Ann adds: “My son cuts hair from home (to earn money) and he produces his own music, he is known as YBT.

“He then raps about peace and mentors children in the community, you can even find him on the internet where he made a music video.

“My son wasn’t involved in any of those murders, he isn’t a gangster.

“He raps against gangsterism. But I have faith because my son is innocent.

“People are just jealous of him.”

During Plaatjies’ brief appearance, State Prosecutor Andy Hess said the firearm “is linked to murders, attempted murders as well as gang-related attacks in and around Ravensmead.”

Hess said the State needed more time to gather evidence.

The matter was postponed to July 13 for bail information.

A YBT Recordz song that was posted on YouTube is all about how they came up with their name.

Plaatjies also dedicated a song to his mother, called Mother’s Day, about how she raised him to be a good and law-abiding child.

He raps: “As ek val, was dit mammie wat my optel en omhels. As ek verkeerd gedoen het, was ek geslaan en geskel.

Ek kan nog onthou, hoe Mary-Ann Plaatjies my vasgehou, die mooiste vrou, ek verlang na haar arms… my mammie is my ma.”

His latest song, called Don’t Join, is not out yet, but Mary-Ann says it is about how youngsters should not join gangs and get involved in criminal activity, and rather work hard for a better life.