DESPERATE: Harry Jansen, 51, needs funds to for an operation to possibly walk again.

A Cape Flats father is in desperate need of R95 000 to help him walk again.

Father of four Harry Jansen’s life took a tragic turn when he was stabbed during a robbery nearly two years ago.

The 51-year-old was knifed in his neck while running an errand near his Kalkfontein home in September 2014.

The spinal cord injury left Harry paralysed in his arms and legs.

Harry needs to raise R95 000 for an operation where a Intrathical Baclofen pump (ITB pump) will be inserted into his body.

The pump will ease his painful muscle spasms, opening the possibility that he might walk again.

“It was my daughter’s birthday party on September 13, 2014, and I was on my way to look for an axe,” he tells the Daily Voice.

Three young men, one whom he knew, came up to him and tried to rob him.

“With my one hand I reached for my cellphone in my pocket and with my other I held his left arm with the knife.

“As I was holding him, the other one hit me against the head with a panga, then I lost my grip. The knife went right into my neck,” he recalls.

His wife Berinda, 51, says she had to quit her job as a crèche teacher to look after her husband.

“He has a lot of pain and discomfort and developed bedsores because he can only lie down,” she says.

Berinda says with the help of her church, and through fund raisers and bake sales they have managed to raise R20 000.

“We also sent a letter to the mayor’s office and got R5 000 but we are still a long way from where we need to be,” she says.

“If the operation is successful then he may even be able to walk again.”

Anyone who wants to assist the family can contact Berinda on 072 052 7002.