Thousands have been displaced in these areas which has been hit by two of the worst disasters in ages. To facilitate the collection and distribution of all donations, Uber has partnered with Amplicon PR, Salute Event Solutions, 34 Degrees South and Stor-Age.

Together they are calling on the people of Cape Town to stand together during this devastating time and to assist those affected across the province by donating much-needed items and non-perishable foods, which can be done quickly and conveniently with #UberCOMMUNITY.

On Friday, 9 June, between 9am – 12pm, with the touch of a button, people can request an UberCOMMUNITY vehicle. A driver-partner will come pick up the donations and deliver them directly to Stor-Age depots across Cape Town. Over the weekend Amplicon PR, Salute Event Solutions and partners will sort the items and send to those affected across the Western Cape. No fees will apply.

Items desperately needed:

  • General toiletries and household items
  • Baby products (formula, nappies, baby food
  • Adult and children’s clothing
  • Sanitary pads
  • Animal blankets and food
  • Energade, energy bars and water for the firefighters
  • Tinned non-perishable food items

Every donation, regardless of the size, will make a huge difference to those affected. People donating need to please ensure that everything they're donating is labelled, bagged or boxed, as this will make it much easier for Uber to get the donated items where they’re needed most.

How to help the people of the Western Cape:

  • Open the App on Friday 9 June, between 9am – 12pm
  • Click on the orange UberCOMMUNITY banner on your screen
  • Request a Uber vehicle as usual (no need to enter a destination)
  • When the driver arrives – please meet him or her at your pick up point with your donations

There will be no charge for UberCOMMUNITY; so please get donating and help those whose lives have been affected.

Important To Note:

  • The vehicle view is open between 9am – 12pm on Friday 09 June 2017.
  • Donations cannot be in cash, only items such as general toiletries, baby products, sanitary pads and non-perishable food items will be accepted
  • All donations must be bagged or boxed in order for drivers to accept your donation. If possible, please mark clearly what you are donating
  • #UberCOMMUNITY will be in high demand so please be patient!
  • The donations will be going to those in need in Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay and Knysna.
  • Please keep in mind that driver-partners can’t leave vehicles unattended, so we ask that you bring your items out to meet your driver when they arrive.
  • Riders will not be able to take any rides in any of the UberCOMMUNITY vehicles