TRAGIC: Ricardo Philander 31, was shot dead in front of his Portlands home.
A father of two was gunned down outside his Mitchells Plain home, in what is believed to be a gang-related drive-by shooting.

Residents of Buckingham Street in Portlands says the murder on Sunday night just before 10pm was the second at the house in less than three months.

Ricardo Philander, 31, was hit in the chest and head, and died on the stoep.

His wife Cindy tells the Daily Voice: “The children think Ricardo went to buy food for them and they are still waiting for him to return.”

In April, Waleed Hansen stabbed his father Jamiel Hansen, 44, in the head at the same house.

The dad was rushed to hospital with the knife still stuck in his head, but he was declared brain dead.

Waleed, 25, was arrested a day after the murder.

Shortly afterwards, Hansen’s relatives told the Daily Voice the house had become “a haven for drug addicts”.

Ricardo, Cindy and their two young children aged one and three, recently moved into the crowded house.

A distraught Cindy, 31, says Ricardo was an Americans gangster.

“When we started dating in 2011, he told me he was leaving the gang to change his life. I don’t know why someone would want to kill him in such a manner, but I know a lot of people were jealous of him,” she says.

Cindy says Ricardo had been standing outside with two of his friends when she heard gunshots.

“I ran outside and I saw him lying on the floor. He lifted his head, he smiled and then he passed away.”

The mom says one of Ricardo’s friends was shot in the back but survived.

Police spokesperson Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says: “A case of murder is under investigation, no one has been arrested.”