HAAI-BO: Social media users made funny shark memes about the flooding in Durban

Sharks in KwaZulu-Natal is nothing new, but not on the streets of Durban!

The devastating storms in KZN this week was no joke, but mense on social media chose to see the lighter side of the flash floods.

Facebook and Twitter users have created the hashtag #PrayForDurban, along with Photoshopped pictures of sharks popping up everywhere, ready to chow unsuspecting folk.

The memes have gone viral, with some mense even thinking it’s real.

User Leon Payne posted a pic of a flooded Dr Yusuf Dadoo Road, with a shark jumping out of the rainwater, ready to chow a young boy.

The caption read: “Things in Durban have reached a national crisis level, the recent heavy rains which began on Sunday, 24/07/2016, have wreaked havoc in eThekwini, and has flooded homes and structural collapses have caused Sharks to enter the streets of Durban. Two people were eaten by sharks but no other fatalities have been reported. #Pray4Durban.”

#PrayForDurban has also started a discussion on to whether filmmakers are shooting a new Jaws or Sharknado movie in the city.