Aunt Lizzie, dubbed the "Mother Theresa of Malva Steet", feeds a her community every year. CREDIT: Solly Lottering
She's known as the “Mother Theresa of Malva Straat” in Scottsville.

And this week, pensioner Lizzie Segers once again opened her heart, and wallet for the needy.

On Sunday, Lizzie, 74, and her family spoilt dozens of parents and children in her street with a lekker five-course meal, something she does about four times a year.

Not only were they fed, but the excited children also each received a nice gift from the generous Segers family.

Gammon, pens, kerrie, sweet yellow rice, salads and of course desserts were served up.

Auntie Lizzie is quick to point out that she doesn’t use her state grant for the event.

“I don’t use my Sassa card to help the needy, it’s my seven children and my three sisters who all club together to dish up this lovely food,” she says.

“I love all little ones, whether you live under a bridge in Brackenfell or in my street, everyone gets treated the same.”

She says they prepare all the meals themselves.

“My children would cook throughout the night to make sure people get a freshly cooked meal. Because what can be better than seeing the smile on a little face of a child who has nothing to eat at home?”

The family tradition started five years ago and Lizzie hopes it will continue when she’s gone.

“We are not looking for fame, this is all God’s work,” she says.

A grateful Ilana Titus adds: “She is our very own Mother Theresa, and she is not stingy with food. We are thankful to Auntie Lizzie.”