MIN GESPIN: PA head Gayton McKenzie

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie “se ding gaan pyn”.

So says Western Cape PA leader, Reverend Gregg Fick, who claims he “and other PA members in the Western Cape” have lodged a vote of no confidence against McKenzie.

They have also accused McKenzie of selling out to the African National Congress.

“He wants to take our people’s votes and give it to the ANC,” Fick says.

“He’s got a hidden agenda with one purpose, to silence the [Democratic Alliance].”

The Reverend has labelled his party leader a “liar” and a “traitor”, after he apparently failed to pour money into the party like he promised.

“Gayton McKenzie is the interim president and the agreement is that he is sent by God to finance this party and be a voice for the coloured people,” Fick tells the Daily Voice.

“We agreed that he would become the sole financial provider for this election campaign. He lied to our people, he deceived us and now he wants to take control in the Cape Metro as well as the Patriotic Alliance as a whole,” Fick adds.

Fick says one of his concerns is McKenzie’s plans to form a coalition with the ruling ANC.

“We have our beef with the DA. [But] we are not here to fight the DA, we are here to fight any political party that oppresses our people” he says.

“People [must] never trust Gayton McKenzie again. We want the nation to vote for the real PA and the real PA is not Gayton McKenzie. The real PA is the community of Khoisan leaders who came together that formed this alliance.

Sy ding gaan pyn,” he says, referring the party’s “Jou ding moet pyn” slogan.

But despite Fick posing in front of an election poster with his face and name on it, McKenzie insists he does not know Fick.

“I don’t know when he joined,” he says.

Hy is mal. How can I take people’s votes to the ANC without their permission? We know we are not going to win but we want to form a coalition with any party who recognises coloureds.”

ANC Western Cape Secretary Faiez Jacobs says they have not had any discussions with other parties yet.

“We want to put our people first, so if we do form a coalition, we want to do it with like-minded people who are based on the same principle.”