TERROR: Bonteheuwel residents are fearful of gangsters' shootings.

A 60-year-old pensioner spoke of her fear to leave her home as gang violence limits her movement.

“I am afraid to leave my home during the day and sit far from the front of the house,” she says.

“I am an old lady, I can’t still stress about this nonsense. When the shootings happen, I just say a prayer that my children and grandson come home safely. It is really all we can do.”

Councillor for Ward 50 in Bonteheuwel Angus McKenzie was asked to assist Bonteheuwel Avenue residents, and sat down with them to discuss how to end the violence ruining the lives of the youth.

“It is sad but, most critically, scary to imagine that families including young children need to deal with this sort of activity,” he says.

“I want to reiterate that I am not in favour of the army coming into Bonteheuwel, however, I would strongly insist and plea with both President Jacob Zuma as well as Police Minister Fikile Mbalula to reinstate the very successful gang units."

Councillor McKenzie has appealed to parents and families not to allow their children to terrorise the community.

He says parents are aware who the culprits are: “We wash their bloodstained clothing, we store the drugs and we hide the firearms.

“Bonteheuwel continues to change but change does not come without a few hiccups on the way.”