Manenberrg has been riddled with a series of gang-related deaths that have claimed dozens of lives over the past months. CREDIT: Supplied
Manenberg gangsters have agreed to holster their guns and stop the violence, for now.

After several weeks of deadly violence, members of the Hard Livings, Americans, Dixie Boys and Clever Kids gangs met in the area on Sunday evening for peace talks.

The meeting, on a field between Grieta and Francisca Courts, got off to a rocky start as leaders seemed reluctant to face their rivals, but eventually gave in.

Scores of residents stood watching as the leaders had their talks, shook hands in agreement then went their separate ways.


While some residents are relieved, the majority remain sceptical about the peace agreements, worried that it won’t last.

Manenberg Safety Forum Chairperson Roegchanda Pascoe says the area remains tense.

Pascoe says: “People are still very sceptical because they don’t trust this.

“We know how it goes, it happened before. The area is still very tense, the roads are very quiet.”

There were reports of shooting in the area soon after the talks, but police could not confirm this.

A police source tells the Daily Voice: “There was a meeting between gang leaders but there was no record of other shooting in the area afterwards.”

Since March 31, 16 people have been killed in gang-related attacks in Manenberg.


Over the weekend, police deployed additional members to the area which residents thought to be the army.

But police and the South African National Defence Force both said the army was not sent to the area.