Gang boss shot in head



August 23, 2016
Gang boss shot in head

GANG WAR BREWS: Shootings in Blikkiesdorp

Blikkiesdorp is a 'ticking time bomb' as gangs go head to head.

A war is brewing in Blikkiesdorp after a gang leader was shot in the head, resulting in a revenge attack which left one person dead and two injured.

On Sunday night, the leader of the Gifted gang was attacked in front of a shop by an unknown gunman.

Community leaders say the 32-year-old skollie is only known as “Chosen”.

He was still alive after being shot and was rushed to hospital where he is currently on life support machines.

At the same time, his manskappe went to a local tavern in Delft, where they shot two black men in the genitals.

By late yesterday afternoon, they have also murdered a foreign national after destroying his zinc structure.

A neighbourhood watch member, who asked not to be identified, says everyone is fearing for their lives now, fearing a “bloodbath”.

“This man just walked up to Chosen and shot him in the head, then his gang went running amongst the shacks and stopped at a tavern,” the man says.

“They shot two people in the private parts and then they began breaking down these persons’ structures.”

The crime fighter says they murdered the foreign national in front of everyone: “He just asked them why they broke down his shack and they shot him. He was innocent.

“The police need to do something because it is a living hell here.”

Blikkiesdorp is home to some 15 000 people from all over Cape Town, all waiting for government houses.

Police spokesman Captain FC Van Wyk confirms a 32-year-old male was shot and wounded in a Blikkiesdorp shooting.

“An attempted murder case was opened.

“We cannot confirm the other shootings at this stage if cases weren’t opened.”

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