RECOVERING: Jerome 'Donkie' Booysen, 52, 
is still in a bit of pain, according to a source

The suspected Sexy Boys and 26s gang leader was discharged from hospital on Wednesday night following a drive-by attack in Ravensmead on Monday, in which he was shot in the neck.

Sources say Booysen, 52, was walking back to his black BMW X6 when three vehicles approached and one man opened fire.

He spent two days at a private hospital, at an undisclosed location, where up to 12 guards were posted all over the premises to protect Booysen and his family.

Hours before the attempt on his life, Terence Williams, 51, a man believed to be Booysen’s head guard, was killed in a shooting in nearby Connaught Estate.

Three others were wounded in the same shooting incident.

Booysen is said to be back at home and hasn’t been out since his discharge.

His neck is bandaged and he is still in a bit of pain.

People close to Booysen reveal there is a struggle for power within the 26s gang, and that a rival faction is out to oust him.

The source tells the Daily Voice: “It was a bitter pill to swallow that his own generals are now trying to take him out, but it will not go unpunished.

My kop op ‘n blok, daai ding wat die gedala het gaan wys raak vannie nommer. Hy en sy hele familie,” he says. (I swear, the one who did this is going to pay. He and his whole family).

Asked if he knew who the shooters were, the insider would not say, except that they are “young men, recruited and performing their initiation hits”.

Ons moet almal mos lyn loep, antwoorde het vir wat gebeur het en so, sien jy. My baas is niemand se meit nie, julle sal almal nog wys raak met die nommer,” says the source.

Police say an investigation into the shooting is under way, but no arrests have been made.