Friends gunned down by ‘thugs’



September 13, 2016
Friends gunned down by ‘thugs’

SHOT DEAD: Diego Philander, 18, and Nazeer Kiewit, 20

Two young men were shot and killed while en route to shop.

A walk to the shop ended in death for these two friends who were were shot by suspected gangsters.

Diego Philander, 18, was struck in the neck and Nazeer Kiewit, 20, was hit in his head multiple times.

Their devastated families believe they were mistakenly targeted while outside a tuck shop in Madeliefie Street, Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, on Sunday night.

Diego and Nazeer attended Lentegeur High School and were in Grade 12 and 11 respectively.

When the Daily Voice visited the shocked community yesterday, the family were preparing to bury Nazeer instead of celebrating Eid.

Yesterday Diego’s mother, Carol-Ann Philander, was too emotional to speak to the Daily Voice.

His ouma, Lizzie Vries, says she hopes her grandson’s killers “get their punishment on earth”.

“He died on my birthday,” cries the ouma.

“His mother sent them to the shop and they were either on their way back or still on the way there when it happened.

“He died on his way to hospital.”

Lizzie was visiting family in Belhar when she received a call with the devastating news about Diego.

Hy was my kind gewees,” she says.

Hy was ‘n baie lieflike kind en hy was baie betrokke by die kerk.

“He was a quiet child and he never complained.

“I am sad and angry inside because I know the kind of child he was, he was not a gangster.”

Two roads away, Nazeer’s family was preparing for his janaazah instead of celebrating Eid yesterday.

His father, Rameez Kiewit, 48, and older brother Igshaan, 25, burst into tears while speaking to the Daily Voice.

Rameez insists his son was not a gangster.

“He chose his friends very carefully, he wouldn’t hang with scum,” says the angry father.

“When I arrived at the scene, Diego was already gone and Nazeer was on the floor.

“He was still breathing but he couldn’t talk.”

“I kept saying his name,” he sobbed.

Police spokesperson Captain Frederick van Wyk says no one has been arrested.

“Police attended a shooting incident at Madeliefie Road, Lentegeur, Mitchells Plain, at about 7.45pm,” he says.

“Two males were shot and fatally wounded.

“No one has been arrested at this stage.”

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