QUESTIONED: Joan Greenfield appeared in court last week.
QUESTIONED: Joan Greenfield appeared in court last week.
CONFIRMED: Allies shared his latest marriage to wife no.7 on Facebook.
CONFIRMED: Allies shared his latest marriage to wife no.7 on Facebook.

This is the woman who allegedly helped suspected bigamist Raymond Allies forge divorce papers.

Joan Greenfield, 50, was arrested at her home in Lost City, Mitchells Plain on Saturday.

She made a brief appearance at the Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court on Monday on a charge of fraud after she allegedly fraudulently signed the divorce papers.

The domestic worker was released on a warning and is expected to share the dock with her ex-berk, Allies, on July 5.

Prosecutors are set to prove that Allies allegedly asked Greenfield to sign and accept divorce documents from the Sheriff of the court on behalf of his sixth wife in order for him to marry wife No.7 on May 6.

But Greenfield claims she is no fraudster and was also ingedoen by Allies.

She says when the Sheriff brought the documents, she didn’t sign or accept anything, and sent him away.

The woman claims she loved Allies, with whom she was engaged to before he left her for wife No. 6.

“I loved Raymond very much, more than I loved my children’s father,” she tells Daily Voice.

“We got engaged last year and I even placed a deposit on wedding rings for us.

“He really hurt me… he called me after meeting wife No. 6 and he put her on the phone and she said she is now lying in his arms.”

Greenfield says she got a shock when a detective rocked up at her house on Saturday.

She says: “I am so nervous because I don’t know anything, I didn’t do anything. I also thought he only had three wives before he married wife No. 6.”

Last week, Mrs Allies, wife No.6, said her home was almost auctioned off when she got divorced “without her knowledge” and opened a case of fraud against her husband.

The distraught 59-year-old woman from Retreat said she married Allies in June last year after a whirlwind romance, only for him to allegedly cheat on her five months later with her best friend.

She approached the Daily Voice after discovering on Allies’ Facebook page that he had married her best friend in May this year.

He then moved in with his bride, one door away from Mrs Allies.

Detectives are now preparing to charge Allies with bigamy as well.

Allies, a long distance driver, and his seventh “wife” have refused to comment on the allegations against them.

Greenfield’s son Duane Williams, 37, says he is glad Allies is being exposed.

“My mother looked after him while he was unemployed for seven months and she is a domestic worker,” he says.

“I always knew there was something wrong with that man but we didn’t want to get involved in my mother’s relationship.”