Franziska’s killer tells court how he raped, killed her



May 31, 2017
Franziska’s killer tells court how he raped, killed her

PROCEEDINGS: Howard Oliver in court yesterday.CREDIT: Dominic Adriaanse

Oliver admits to Franziska murder as State asks for life plus 15 years.

The man who murdered 16-year-old Franziska Blöchliger in Tokai Forest last year will know his fate today.

In a shocking twist during his murder trial yesterday, Howard Oliver from West Lake, admitted to robbing, raping and then killing the teen in the Western Cape High Court yesterday.

The 28-year-old faces a count of murder, two counts of rape and robbery with aggravated circumstances.

In his admission, Oliver gave graphic details of how he had overpowered and raped the Kalk Bay meisie.

His new lawyer Advocate Henk Carstens read the admission out in court.

It states: “When I grabbed the deceased from behind, I went for her neck to prevent her from making any noise and to demobilise her immediately.

“My legal representative explained to me that the post-mortem stated that her hyoid bone in the neck was fractured.

“I confirm I used enough force that I could have fractured the bone.”

He then dragged the helpless high school girl into the bushes where they could not be seen.

“When I dragged her body deep enough into the fynbos so no one could see us, I then went through the process of removing her cellphone, earphones and ring.

“I saw a watch on her when I grabbed her, but could not find it.

“I tied a shoelace around her hands and mouth and I decided to rape her. I positioned her body by placing her head and chest in the sand and her buttocks in the air, as I was doing that I was removing all clothing.”

He says he realised he had mistakenly sodomised Franziska after finding it “difficult to rape her”. He admitted to raping her vaginally.

“After that I got dressed,” the court heard.

Franziska Blochliger was brutally raped and murdered by Howard Oliver on 7 March 2016.

Forensic pathologist Dr Sipho Molozi stated the cause of death was suffocation.

Blood and sand were found in her airway and lungs.

“The deceased may have felt a lot of pain. It is my opinion that excessive force was used. There was manual choking before suffocation,” Molozi told the court.

“She was choked unconscious but was still alive. The suffocation in the sand was the final blow and was the cause of death.”

The State has asked for life sentences for the rape and murder, and an additional 15 years for the robbery with aggravated circumstances.

Judgement will begin today.

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