Last week the Daily Voice reported that Colin Arendse, an ANC activist, had been busted in Maitland on May 13.

But the suspect was in fact a Western Cape Government official also named Colin Arendse.

The two Colins’ ID numbers indicate both were born in July 1964. 

At the time of the May 16 story, police confirmed the arrested man was ANC activist Colin Arendse and claimed he was nabbed for driving drunk and impersonating a traffic official from Worcester.

Cops also provided Arendse’s rap sheet claiming he had brushes with the law before and had been arrested for domestic violence, assault and contempt of court.

Mr Arendse later stated he had been confused with someone else who had the same name and denied impersonating a police official.

He also said he couldn’t have been the suspect as he doesn’t drive.

The real suspect, an assistant director at Provincial Government, was due to appear in court on 15 May on the above charges.

Mr Arendse added that “dirty cops and DA politicians hated” him because he was at the forefront of exposing alleged corrupt activities.

Last night police sources confirmed their mistake but would not comment on the matter.

The Daily Voice regrets the error and wishes to apologise to Mr Arendse for any distress the May 16 article has caused.