ON THE BALL: Ameer Abrahams, 18, attends Heideveld High School. CREDIT: Supplied
This Cape Flats basketball star is aiming high and looking to score big time.

Ameer Abrahams is the only basketballer in Africa who will be showing off his ball skills at a training camp in America.

The 18-year-old Heideveld High School matriculant will be jetting off to Washington DC next month for the five-day camp where he hopes to be spotted by a scout.

Ameer dreams of shooting hoops in the same league as basketball greats LeBron James and Stephen Curry.

“I hope to be scouted by a coach over there and ultimately I would like to get a scholarship, play university basketball and eventually play in the NBA (National Basketball Association) or the Euro league,” he says.

“My dream has always been to go overseas and now I have an opportunity to play basketball overseas,” he tells the Daily Voice.

At just 1.78 metres tall, he still has a way to catch up to LeBron’s 2.03m.

Ameer started playing 10 years ago after watching his cousin, and decided to “give it a try”.

“I went with my cousin to basketball practice when I was eight years old to watch him play a tournament,” Ameer says.

“I started playing then and I’ve been playing ever since.”

Since then, the former rugby player has been raking in the trophies and medals.

He currently plays basketball at school and club level.

Later this year, Ameer will also play in the under-20 team at a camp in Angola.

“Basketball is not that big in the Cape and there aren’t that many clubs,” he says.

“Being able to achieve what I have so far is great.”

His proud coach at the Heideveld Basketball Club, Denwin Jones, 30, says Ameer always gives his best.

“He stood out from the beginning and that is how he was spotted,” he says.

“He always does his best. We hope the other players will learn from him and be encouraged by his efforts so that they can also achieve what he has,” Denwin adds.