Flat’s girl gets an Oprah scholorship



August 30, 2016
Flat’s girl gets an Oprah scholorship

CHOSEN: Charné Ruiters 13 CREDIT: Patrick Louw

Hanover Park teen to jet off to larney Jozi school.

This lucky teen is jetting off to the opportunity of a lifetime.

Thirteen-year-old Charné Ruiters was chosen to attend the prestigious and world-famous Oprah Winfrey Academy in Johannesburg next year.

The ecstatic Hanover Park meisie tells the Daily Voice: “I’m so excited for this big opportunity, I never knew I’d one day attend that school or even be given the opportunity to fly in an aeroplane.”

The straight A pupil is currently in Grade 7 at Belmor Primary School in Hanover Park.

Principal Carol Poole, 55, and Charne’s teacher, Mr Henry Esau, 46, says they are very proud of their star pupil.

Mr Esau says: “Her hard work and determination paid off and I am happy she got this because it can better her circumstance at home and it’s beneficial to her family. She can go far because of this opportunity.”

Charné lives with her step-grandfather who provides for her and her three siblings in their two-bedroom home in Cascade Court.

Oupa Isaac Brady, 67, who was married to Charné’s ouma, says the children tragically lost both their parents in 2010.

Their father died in a car accident and shortly after that, their mom passed away due to illness.

“When her mother got sick, she asked me to promise her that I would be their guardian, I took them in as my own,” he explains.

“We struggle financially but we get by.”

Charne has a brother, 20, and two sisters aged 15 and eight years old.

Her favourite subject is mathematics and she wants to become a teacher one day, “so that I can teach the children in my community.”

Charné says it was a teacher at school who applied to the academy on her behalf.

“We were a few girls who wrote the test, I waited for two months and it was the longest time of nerves ever.

“A representative of the academy came to my house last week Friday (August 19) and gave the news that I made it. I was ecstatic.”

The Oprah Winfrey Academy declined to comment.

Charné can look forward to staying in a “modern dormitory” and attend class in state-of-the-art classrooms, sports facilities and six labs.

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