Fired and hired



June 17, 2016
Fired and hired

SECOND CHANCE: Waitress Polly Parolus. CREDIT: Bertram Malgas

Halaal restaurant offers job to waitress in fez skandaal.

Polly Parolus has been offered a new job in a halaal restaurant.

The waitress lost her job at Franky’s Diner in Sea Point after asking a Muslim man to take off his fez before entering the non-halaal restaurant two weeks ago.

Polly will start her new job at Vangate Mall Spur on Tuesday, and says getting fired was a blessing in disguise, because it will now be easier to travel to work from her home in Bonteheuwel.

Polly, 46, was devastated when her bosses told her to gooi, simply because she was trying to give a group of Muslim youngsters advice during the holy month of Ramadaan.

The two guys – one wearing a fez and salaah top – and two girls with doekies on rocked up at Franky’s on Friday night after taraweeh prayers to have some milkshake.

Polly allegedly asked one of the men to remove his fez “out of respect for the Fast”, because Franky’s is not halaal and serves alcohol.

After the group left, @Nabeel_26 posted on Twitter: “Being denied entry into @Franky’sDinerSP for wearing a salaah top and fez and still being asked to remove it by the waitress.”

Franky’s owners, Saul Beder and Franklin Arendse, apologised to the customers on their Facebook page.

They also claimed Polly wasn’t fired, but “let go” as she had only been on training, and they decided to stop the training because of the incident.

Polly’s plight was taken up by Radio 786, who interviewed her on Tuesday.

It was after hearing the emotional response from the Muslim community, commending Polly for reminding the youngsters about the importance of Ramadaan, that Vangate Spur decided to make her the job offer.

Managers at Golden Feather Spur has confirmed to the Daily Voice that Polly will start training there on Tuesday.

A grateful Polly says she can’t wait to start her new job.

“I was contacted by Radio 786 and told my story again on air and on Wednesday I went for an interview at Golden Feather Spur in Vangate Mall,” she says.

“It all happened so quickly. I am excited. My one-week training starts on Tuesday. I am truly grateful to everyone who has supported me and especially thankful that I will be able to work and provide for my family again.”

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