FOCUS: Wynand Boshoff of FF+.
For the first time ever, two candidates of colour will represent the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) in the upcoming local government elections.

The ward councillors from the Phokwane region in the Northern Cape are former DA Phokwane branch chairman Ralph Bostander and former Khoisan Revolution party member Reggie Williams.

The FF+ Northern Cape leader, Wynand Boshoff, said Williams immediately signed up after reading their party manifesto.

“We offered him a trial period with the FF+, with the option of returning to the Khoisan Revolution Party. He, however, indicated that he was impressed with the FF+ and would not be changing his party of choice.”

Boshoff said the party represented all minority groups and not only Afrikaners, with a focus on self-reliance and the promotion of indigenous and cultural rights.

“There is a misconception that we are a rightwing organisation. The majority of people (90 percent) living in the lower Orange region... are Afrikaans speaking. Yet, they are being excluded from black economic empowerment and are disempowered and impoverished.”