Manenberg residents say they hope the area will remain calm after a City-owned CCTV camera was damaged during an accident.

The “eye in the sky” stands seven metres tall at the intersection of Manenberg Avenue and The Downs Road, a common battlefield between rival gangs.

The top section of the pole broke on Sunday evening when a car crashed into it while two drivers were dicing down the avenue.

It’s believed the camera was damaged and some residents claim skelms tried to steal the device.

Residents, including gangsters, told the Daily Voice they hope the absence of the “eye” will not lead to any violence.

A hawker says: “We hope the City is going to replace it soon because it really has helped keep people safe.”

A self-confessed Hard Livings gangster says the camera helped with the arrest of a rival.

“They shot my brother on this corner and because they were caught on the camera the murderers didn’t get bail.

Community leader Roegchanda Pascoe says as long as there remains a strong police presence, the area should remain calm.

“The camera is in the ideal place but it should be concealed, it’s too visible.

“They should also place a barrier around it in case of accidents like these.”

City officials removed the damaged camera yesterday.

The City of Cape Town’s JP Smith says the pole was designed to snap in half in case of an accident to prevent it falling onto cars or pedestrians below.

“It was damaged during an accident over the weekend and it’s already being restored,” he says.