Excited lion ‘wanted to play’ with the kid – [WATCH]



June 7, 2016
Excited lion ‘wanted to play’ with the kid – [WATCH]

SAVED: A glass enclosure kept this little boy safe from a lion at a Japan zoo.

Caged lion tries to pounce on toddler through glass at zoo.

This was the spine-chilling moment a fully grown male lion tried to attack a two-year old child at a zoo.

The only thing that saved the little boy was the glass partitioning keeping the leeu in.

The 30-second video shows the beast charging the boy in his yellow raincoat, but smashing into the glass before walking away.

The amateur video shot at the Chiba Zoological Park in Japan last week has since gone viral on social media.

The video starts by showing the child looking at the lion through the glass, and the animal jumping from a rock, crouching on its stomach and “stalking” the child.

As the child turns his back, the leeu storms forward to chise the laaitie.

He hits the glass with his full weight, pawing at the child.

The little boy gets a lekker skrik, and turns around to look at the beast.

The video sparked online debate on whether animals should be kept caged.

Zookeepers say the lion, who weighs nearly 200kg, gets excited around little kids “because he wants to play”.

The glass enclosure was set up in April to allow visitors to get up close and personal with the gevaarlike diere.

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