UNION: Raymond and wife No.6.    CREDIT: Facebook
UNION: Raymond and wife No.6. CREDIT: Facebook
CONFIRMED: Allies’ shared his latest marriage to wife no.7 on Facebook.
CONFIRMED: Allies’ shared his latest marriage to wife no.7 on Facebook.
BLING: Allies and bride show off their wedding rings in social media post.
BLING: Allies and bride show off their wedding rings in social media post.
It's been a game a vrouens for this Cape Flats man who allegedly tried to divorce his sixth wife with forged legal documents in order to marry her best friend.

But Raymond Allies, 52, from Steenberg was uitgevang, and has since been charged with fraud.

The long-distance taxi driver could also be slapped with a charge of bigamy after tying the knot with his seventh wife while still being married to his sixth.

His 59-year-old wife says she’s been humiliated, after Allies moved in with her former bestie - who lives just one house away.

Allies made an appearance at the Muizenberg Magistrates’ Court last week and is expected back in the dock on July 5.

Prosecutors are set to prove Allies tried to divorce his wife from Steenberg by having another woman in Mitchells Plain sign and accept the court documents.

Mrs Allies claims her husband is a liegbek who has 12 different Facebook accounts.

She says he preys on divorced women, marries them in community of property, only to leave them and claim half of their assets.

Mrs Allies says she nearly lost her own house, which was set to be auctioned if she hadn’t contacted police.

She and Allies became friends in April last year, and married two-and-a-half months later.

But five months into the marriage, she suspected Allies was jolling with her friend.

She says: “She [friend] would always come to my house dressed in shorts and short dresses and would bake my husband cake and cookies.

“Until I saw messages and pictures exchanged on their phones and I confronted them both. Then I banned her.

“She was my friend for over 30 years and I supported her during her divorce and helped her.”

In April, after he disappeared with her car again, she got gatvol and called the cops, and kicked Allies out of her house.

Her worst nightmare came true on Mother’s Day last month.

Her husband had apparently wed wife No.7 on May 6, and pictures on Allies’ Facebook page show him and his bride signing the marriage registry and showing off their rings.

In the post he gloated: “Married the woman of my dreams, nothing and no1 can come between us. I’m the luckiest man in the world. Love you always Linda my wife.”

Mrs Allies says it was a huge shock.

She says: “I was in church when I received a text message that they got married. How was that possible when I didn’t receive a summons or a divorce order from the Sheriff or sign for a divorce?”

She investigated and learnt that the divorce documents were sent to an address in Lost City, Mitchells Plain.

“We visited the Sheriff and he gave an affidavit stating that I was not the Mrs Allies who accepted and signed the document.

“The [divorce] order stated that my house had to be auctioned two months after my divorce; if I didn’t wake up, I’d be on the street with my grandchildren.”

She opened a case of fraud and Allies was arrested on May 20.

Mrs Allies says she got into contact with Allies’ exes through his children, and was shocked to learn she was number six.

“We started chatting on WhatsApp. They explained the same story, that he tried to get their assets but that they weren’t brave enough to expose him. I want to expose him before he cons another woman.”

A 51-year-old woman who claims to be Allies’ fifth wife says he tried to get her to take out a second bond on her house but she refused.

“We married in 2012 and we divorced in 2013, after a year and nine months. The second wife told me he was married to her when he married two Muslim women also.”

When the Daily Voice approached Allies for comment, he threatened: “Place [the story] in the Daily Voice and you will see.”