Eskom ban on posters



June 29, 2016
Eskom ban on posters

Eskom has warned political parties not to attach election campaign posters to any of its infrastructure as it is gevaarlik.

Voters will go to the polls on August 3 to vote in the local government elections and campaigning is in full swing.

Eskom says the practice of placing election posters on street poles and mini-substations is dangerous and only authorised personnel are allowed to climb or work on these structures.

“These structures are carrying live electrical equipment and conductors,” Eskom said in a statement.

“When someone gets close to them or touches them it may result in a flash-over or electrical contact. This can cause serious injuries or even be fatal.”

The power supplier warns: “Should someone come into contact with electricity while attaching posters to electrical structures, you will be exposed to litigation, both from a criminal and civil liability point of view.”

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