Elsies bleeds



June 24, 2016
Elsies bleeds

Police at scene in Leonsdale shooting in Elsies River. CREDIT: Leon Knipe

Woman shot dead and six hurt in attack.

A woman was shot dead, and six others injured, in a drive-by shooting by suspected gangsters in Elsies River.

On Wednesday night alleged members of the Terrible Josters Gang opened fire on a group of people outside a house in 12th Avenue, Leonsdale.

Police say three women and three men were wounded.

However, Claudene Monique Pieterse, 27, did not survive in what is believed to be a retaliation attack by the Bad Boys gang.

The mom of one was at the shop buying an entjie when she was hit two to three times during the attack around 8.30pm.

She died at the scene.

Her mom Estelle Pieterse, 44, says she heard gunshots from her home and minutes later Claudine’s friend came knocking on the door.

“I was worried about my daughter because she was still outside, but I didn’t think it could be her who was shot,” says the grieving mother.

“We went there and she was still alive but she couldn’t speak. I just walked away because I couldn’t stand to see my daughter like that.

“She did not deserve to die the way she did,” cries Estelle.

Edgar, 48, says he tried speaking to his daughter as she was dying.

“I noticed she had been shot in her chest and on her side. She was not a gangster, she wasn’t even involved with any gangsters,” he said.

Elsies River community policing forum spokesperson Steve Ross says the shooting was in retaliation for a recent gang attack.

He says a war has been brewing between the Terrible Josters and Bad Boys gangs.

“Right now it’s a case of who can cause the most destruction,” he says.

“The gangs are now enjoying the publicity they’re getting.

“It’s like a competition to see who is more violent.

“It has now escalated to non-gang members because none of the victims in (Wednesday’s) shooting are gangsters themselves or even related to gangsters.

Constable Noloyiso Rwexana says no one has been arrested.

“Cases of murder and attempted murder are being investigated,” she says.

“According to information, a shooting incident occurred in Leonsdale at 8.30pm. A female was shot and fatally wounded, other victims – three men and three women aged between 18 and 25-year-old – were wounded.”

Anyone with information that can assist with the investigation can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

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