A screengrab of the IEC results website shows the national picture as at 1pm on Friday. Credit: www.elections.org.za

Tallying votes for the local government elections resumed after IEC staffers were given a break on Friday morning.

At the IEC’s national centre in Pretoria various political party representatives have started arriving, with many of their leaders expected to show up later in the day.

In key metros such as Tshwane and Joburg, where results have been trickling in, the three main parties dominated the leader boards.

In Joburg the ANC remained at 45.12%, DA at 38.04% and the EFF at 10.93%, with just over 70% of wards counted.

For Tshwane the results looked similar, but DA took the lead at 46.5%.

And in Nelson Mandela Bay the ANC has conceded defeat. The DA is now in talks with possible partners.

Nationally the ANC has so far scored 54.44% of the vote and the DA 26.24%.

And in some municipalities around the country it has started to emerge that politicians will have to negotiate coalitions.

Areas such in the Western Cape and Limpopo have seen various hung councils.