EFF's Provincial Secretary Melikhaya Xego

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) say they are happy with how the party has performed in the Western Cape but say these elections were simply "a practice run" before the National Elections in 2019.

The party's Provincial Secretary Melikhaya Xego says as the new kid on the block, the EFF has done relatively well.

"We had minimal resources and we are a new party but so far we have done well," he says.

"And people thought we were a radical party but others were able to come out and support us.

"This is a start for 2019, we have to work harder for those elections and it is a sign that we are growing.

"We are only three years old and by 2019 we will be able to reach more people are not," he adds.

He says a lack of funds also hampered their campaign.

"We had limited resources, which meant we could not even campaign on Robben Island because we had to cross the ocean."

Xego says they are anticipating "having some kind of impact" in several wards in the Cape Metro, whose results are still being tallied.

He says the EFF will also not rule out possible coalitions with other parties "but only if they are willing to implement the our policies.