ANNOUNCE: Advocate Dali Mpofu and Shivambu

The EFF will today announce their bed partners for the next few years.

The Economic Freedom Fighters, touted as the kingmakers in several hung municipalities, have been deliberating on who to form a coalition with - the ANC or the Democratic Alliance.

Both the African National Congress and the DA have been in talks with the EFF to try and form coalitions in four contested Metros following the municipal elections two weeks ago.

The DA got more votes in Tshwane (43 percent) and Nelson Mandela Bay (46%) while the ANC received 44% in City of Johannesburg and 48% in Ekurhuleni.

The EFF has demanded the ANC recall President Jacob Zuma, and wants the DA to agree on the expropriation of land without compensation.

Following days of intense negotiation, it seems the red berets are ready to announce their decision.

Party leaders met on Monday night to discuss a way forward.

But according to Times Media, quoting unnamed sources, the EFF’s Central Command had decided to shun both parties.

The website reports that both the ANC and DA “had failed to persuade” the EFF to their side.

The EFF’s Floyd Shivambu said a final decision would only be announced today: “Most mainstream media is making wild and sorry speculations about so-called coalitions. The EFF is speaking on Wednesday to settle it.”