BIG DREAMS: Young drum majorette Tsion Petinger, 12. CREDIT: Brendan Magaar

This young drum majorette is marching her way onto the world stages.

But 12-year-old Tsion Petinger is in a race against time and is in desperate need of a helping hand.

In less than four weeks, she is hoping to compete in the drum majorette world championship which will be held in Porec, Croatia.

The Grade 7 learner at Helderkruin Primary School in Kleinvlei needs to raise R44 200 to finance the trip.

She is one of 30 girls from around the country who were selected to represent the country in Croatia.

Her mother Shanté, 37, an admin clerk, and her dad Hilton, 43, a full-time student have managed to raise R23 000 so far.

But the Kleinvlei family worry they won’t be able to raise the outstanding R21 200 before the September 14 cut-off date.

“The cost for this tour has put a lot of [financial] strain on us as a family as I am the only one with an income,” Shante tells the Daily Voice.

“Our family managed to raise about R23 000 with the help of my employer and donations from friends and family.

“I have tried numerous routes but to no avail,” she says.

If they fail to get the full amount, they also forfeit the funds already raised.

Hilton says every cent they have made until now has been paid towards her trip.

“Right now she is practising almost everyday, including Saturdays and Sundays,” he says.

“We are very proud of her and wouldn’t want her to stay because of finances.

“We’ve had functions, raffles and people who made case donations and every cent is paid directly into the account, which is non-refundable,” he says.

Tsion’s school principal, Adolph Valentine, says one girl already had to withdraw from the competition because of a lack of finances.

“This is our Wayde van Niekerk without the recognition and the Nike sponsor,” he says.

“Drummies gets no recognition but it teaches all the basic skills that [other] sports have.

“Hopefully Tsion gets all the money so she can go because [another learner] already has to stay because of finances.”

If you'd like to assist, you can contact the family on 082 346 7000.