‘Drivers to save water’



July 7, 2017
‘Drivers to save water’


Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has vowed to visit taxi ranks across the city to show drivers how they can wash their vehicles without water.

De Lille met with taxi associations and car wash owners from various areas yesterday to host demonstrations on waterless products which can be used.

She said with the introduction of Level 4b water restrictions, there are no more exemptions for car washes.

Fines for water wastage had also been increased from R5 000 to R10 000.

“Car washes have been advised to make use of waterless chemical or dry steam products which use little to no water as the City has been urging them to do since Level 3b. But if we waste water, we will run out of water faster and there will be no more business,” De Lille said.

Several local companies gave demonstrations using dirty car doors to show how effective their products are.

However, some taxi drivers were not impressed saying they would need to see the demonstration on a taxi. Others raised concerns about the cost.

“I have tried some of the products you are talking about but do you know how it will affect the vehicle? Also what about the cost and how will it affect our businesses? We need to see if this thing will work on a taxi,” one driver said.

De Lille replied: “I think we must go to the taxi rank and take a taxi that is full of mud and then we can show you how the product works on a taxi.”

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